GNSS Inertial Solutions – Mapping with UAV’s


I have been looking around lately for a GPS+IMU solution that can be carried in our portable mapping pods to enable the direct geo-referencing of aerial imagery, an minimise the use of ground control. Whilst checking out the Applanix web site I came across this really cool webanir on  GNSS Inertial Solutions for UAV mapping. Its a really comprehensive look at this technology as applied to UAV mapping. As you would expect being sponsored by Applanix they push there own GNSS solutions a bit, which is fair enough. Apart from just GNSS they also talk about different types of airborne sensors, including a UAV hyper-spectral system. Its packed full of info, and defiantly worth a watch if you are new to the world of UAV remote sensing.  At a bit over 1 hour 20 minutes long its a long one. So grab your self a cuppa, a TimTam or 3 and settle back and enjoy.



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