First Images out of World View 4

Digital Globe has released the first images out of its World View-4 Satellite. World View-4’s first image was captured on November 26 and features the Yoyogi National Gymnasium as seen above.

World View-4 doing its thing

Here are some quick stats on the World View-4 bird. It’s claimed to have a circular error 90% (CE90) of 3m, which is impressive when you consider the image was taken from an orbit of 617km above the earth’s surface. Even more impressive is the image resolution of 30 cm GSD, which is getting into manned aircraft territory. Before you get too excited this for the PAN (black and white) band only. If you want standard colour imagery (RGB) then the resolution drops to 1.2m GSD, which for a satellite is still rather good. There is also always the possibility of producing 30 cm colour imagery through pan sharpening, but to me this always looks a little unnatural with weird halos and colour tones. If you are wondering what pan sharpened imagery looks like, Google earth uses a lot of it outside of capital cities, especially in Australia.

World View-4 will collect over 680,000 sqkm of data every day, and have a revisit time of around 4.5 days. Revisit time may be an issue if you live somewhere where there are only a few cloud free days per month.

Lastly like most modern satellites data can be collected in stereo meaning that DSM’s and DEM’s can be created from the system.


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