GNSS Inertial Solutions – Mapping with UAV’s

Howdy, I have been looking around lately for a GPS+IMU solution that can be carried in our portable mapping pods to enable the direct geo-referencing of aerial imagery, an minimise the use of ground control. Whilst checking out… Read More

Ever wondered how Airborne LIDAR Works?

Whist mucking about on the interweb, I came across this great video on how LIDAR works. It does a great job of explaining a complex subject, so enjoy!            


Portable Mapping Pod Update

As I have alluded to in earlier posts I have been working on a portable mapping pod system, over in my day job atĀ Aerial Acquisitions. Designing, building, testing and refining the pods and sensors has been a long… Read More


Holiday Break

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, I have been on a family holiday over the Christmas and new year break. I spent some laptop and phone free time soaking my pasty backside in… Read More


First Images out of World View 4

Digital Globe has released the first images out of its World View-4 Satellite. World View-4’s first image was captured on November 26 and features the Yoyogi National Gymnasium as seen above. Here are some quick stats on the… Read More


Investigation of band to band registration accuracy of the Tetracam MCA6 multispectral camera

Whilst cleaning up my office the other day I came across a paper I wrote as a part of my Masters study investigating the band to band accuracy of the Tetracam MCA6. Tetracam MCA4 & 6’s are a… Read More


Kinematic Ground Control?

Kinematic Ground Control…….No I haven’t had to many beers as I type this. If you think about it, its actually a cleaver idea and being used by a mob called MapKite. The idea is fairly simple, in that… Read More


Portable Mapping Pod Take to the Skies

For around 12 months now I have been working on a portable mapping pod system for Cessna 172 aircraft over at Aerial Acquisitions. Its been a long road in design and development of the system and we are… Read More


Specim FX Series Cameras

Check out the new FX series of cameras from Specim, which could have real applications in airborne remote sensing. From initial impressions it seems very promising. (especially for the portable camera pods I have been working on) They… Read More


UAV Test Range

For a while now I have been looking to establish a UAV / camera test range, with a network of accurate ground control points. Somewhere where we can test airframes and sensors and compare results. I finally got… Read More