About Me

Back in the glory days, somewhere over Australia in a Cessna 402. Hard at work reading a MTB magazine

For more years than I care to remember I have been an airborne sensor operator, or ‘self loading cargo’. I have been dragged around the skies over 3 continents in all sorts of weird and wonderful survey aircraft. Whilst operating a wide range of airborne cameras and sensors. Including airborne geophysical magnetometers, large format film cameras, large format digital aerial cameras, LIDAR’s, liquid nitrogen cooled hyper spectral scanners, and an array of small and medium format digital cameras. If you can cram it into an aircraft then there is a fair chance I have had a crack at operating it or processing data out of it. Operating these sensors has taken me from contour flying terrain at 60m to freezing my butt off at 22’000 ft in unpressurized light aircraft, and everything in between.

Ever since a I was a kid, I have always had an interest in model aircraft. As a young fella I built and flew rubber band powered planes in the local park. After getting sick of climbing fences and trees to retrieve wayward models I decided radio control was the way to go. I joined the Cronulla Model Aero Club at 16 where I learned to fly RC aircraft. After a fair few years gap in the middle I am once again flying out at CMAC. It is this interest in RC aircraft that has lead to an interest in flying and developing UAV’s for aerial survey.

I have also managed to get a few letters after my name with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, and a master’s degree in remote sensing and GIS. Having studied environmental science I have a real interest in remote sensing projects with an environmental focus. I also have a particular interest in low cost remote sensing, from light aircraft and UAV’s. I feel these two technologies have the ability to make low cost quality

Lucy the Wonder Dog

spatial data available to everyone.

I live in Sydney Australia, with my wife, soon to be 3 kids and Lucy the wonder dog. For the past 6 years I have also had a day job as director of Aerial Acquisitions, a NSW based aerial survey company. Running an aerial survey company has given me many insights into the aerial survey game which I hope to share with you on this blog.