Month: November 2016

Investigation of band to band registration accuracy of the Tetracam MCA6 multispectral camera


Whilst cleaning up my office the other day I came across a paper I wrote as a part of my Masters study investigating the band to band accuracy of the Tetracam MCA6. Tetracam MCA4 & 6’s are a… Read More

Kinematic Ground Control?


Kinematic Ground Control…….No I haven’t had to many beers as I type this. If you think about it, its actually a cleaver idea and being used by a mob called MapKite. The idea is fairly simple, in that… Read More

Camera Porn


Some interesting camera propaganda came across my inbox the other day, a data sheet on the Ximea CB500CG-CM. While it doesn’t have the most imaginative name, it does potentially look to be an awesome little camera for remote… Read More

Portable Mapping Pod Take to the Skies


For around 12 months now I have been working on a portable mapping pod system for Cessna 172 aircraft over at Aerial Acquisitions. Its been a long road in design and development of the system and we are… Read More

Specim FX Series Cameras


Check out the new FX series of cameras from Specim, which could have real applications in airborne remote sensing. From initial impressions it seems very promising. (especially for the portable camera pods I have been working on) They… Read More